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Letters to the editor are a forum for discussion, and reflect the broad views of Idaho Press readers.

We want our Opinion page to be a place where your perspectives are challenged. We hope you see things on the page that you cheer on, and other things that you disagree with.

We’ll prioritize letters that:

  • make a clear, informed argument
  • have a civil tone
  • provide insight on a local issue

Letters from subscribers that meet these requirements will receive highest priority. This is a small way to show our gratitude to readers who support the work we do. Without you, there would be no pages to print letters on in the first place. Thank you for valuing our work enough to pay for it.

We don’t want our Opinion page to become another Facebook comment section filled with name-calling, false claims and petty jabs. We run a professional business. If the letter isn’t up to our standards, we have no obligation to run it.

Each person is allowed one 175-word letter every 30 days. No title, salutation or signature is required with your submission. Entries will not be edited for grammar, punctuation or spelling; we reserve the right to make changes to avoid potential legal issues.

We try to run letters within two weeks of submission. During high-volume times, such as election cycles and staff vacations, publication may take longer.

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