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‘Cost of doing business’

I keep thinking how hard it was to lose my daughter to a natural death in 2020. How would it be to lose a child to some nut case with an assault rifle? Note, the word assault means to make a physical attack. Do we need those types of weapons to attack little kids? Americans can have all kinds of guns, so why the need of a killing machine if we are not at war here in the US? An attendee at the NRA Convention in Houston was quoted saying, “It is just the cost of doing business”! Can you believe anyone had the gall to make such a comment? To me, the 2nd Amendment has turned into “the right to kill children in school”! We have guns at our house, as every American has the right to have, so I am not against guns. Congratulations NRA, you have won the killing jackpot once again!

Brenda Watson


Gas prices

Gas prices have risen $.32 since May 31. On Tuesday, May 31, at the Fred Meyers on Overland and Five Mile Line Road; the regular gas price rose $.08 between 9:30am and 11:15, with no sign of a new delivery. It was the same gas that sold at the lower price on the previous day. Why? It’s the greed of the oil companies, distributors and retailers. They’re raising prices based on news and not anything related to their costs. Our do-nothing national and state representatives blame the prices on President Biden. It’s not him, but the greed of our corporations. Remember that our representatives do nothing to help us when you vote in November. Vote them out and replace them with someone who actually cares about their constituents.

Marian Herz


Fahrenheit 451

Public leaders and others who wish to ban books should first watch the movie or read the novel “Fahrenheit 451.” This is a science-fiction classic about a future American society in which all books are banned. The novel was written by Ray Bradbury and received prestigious awards. In light of what is going on in Nampa, I really wonder whether the novel and movie can any longer be considered purely fiction. Banning books, modifying books, or withholding books is a slippery slope, and isn’t something we need to be doing in America.

Dave Churchill


Dam breaching

“Replacing the benefits of the Snake River dams would cost billions…” 10.3 to 27.2 billion to be exact. What Friday’s article didn’t mention is the cost of the status quo. Beyond the $17 billion already spent on failed salmon recovery efforts on the Lower Snake, these dams are a debt load for ratepayers in the region. Currently, the Bonneville Power Administration is over $15 billion in debt, largely due to the expenses of maintaining these four dams. As BPA contracts end in the next five years, the agency will likely go bankrupt, as the dams can’t compete with cheaper, cleaner solar and wind which has come onto the market. If Rep. Newhouse is concerned about his constituents’ power bills now, wait until he hears that.

We will have to pay the costs of dam breaching in my lifetime. They are in violation of tribal treaties and the ESA, and they are too expensive to maintain. All we get to decide is when: will the dams come out before wild salmon and steelhead have gone extinct?

Noor Sodhi


March For Our Lives

It’s impressive to see young people organize for a cause they believe in, such as those who organized the rally on the Capitol steps for the March For Our Lives campaign.

What was not impressive, in any way, were those who stood across the street, armed to the teeth to protest the MFOL message. Their fear of the unarmed people across the street was obvious.

John Post


Downtown housing

In his most recent shared opinion Mr Sweaney made some comments that deserve redress. When the City of Caldwell approved senior housing on the corner of Kimball and Cleveland, above Terry Reilly Health, it was in keeping with Caldwell’s historical roots of having housing downtown, and it brought Sr citizens close to services. The new development slated for 7th and Main will include market rent apartments, retain, and a hotel. Also, all in keeping with Caldwell’s historic roots. In fact, the Saratoga Hotel had apartments upstairs, as did the Waldorf, and many other businesses downtown. I do not know of a thriving downtown without housing in its core. Bringing people downtown to live, work, play, spend, relax, is genius really. I have heard it called “yuppy”, but I have lived here 64 years and am definitely not even Yu. However, I know what Caldwell was in her heyday. I see what she is now, and I recognize all the work it took to get here. Let’s have more of this!

Tammy Dittenber


‘The real Peace Officers’

Dead Dog and the Panhandle Patriots show why we need to change open carry laws. Openly displaying assaulting weapons and other guns at City Park in Coeur d’Alene during the Pride in the Park event was not for self-protection. It was intended as an act of intimidation and threat. It should be illegal to intimidate law-abiding people who are peacefully exercising their constitutional rights of assembly and speech with the presence of lethal weapons. This isn’t the first time this group has openly demonstrated their arsenal in public. They have marched in the streets of Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint fully armed at times claiming they were there to keep the peace. We have a well regulated police force here in Idaho that can and does provide protection. They are the real Peace Officers.

Brian Goller


Grand Marshal

My family and I have known Art Solis since his teenage years, as a teenager he was always volunteering to helping others with their home projects. As a young married man, he decides to build his own home for his family. Art didn’t stop there he just kept on building and building. Art volunteers in his community, and outside his community he has helped lots of family members and extended families, with their home projects. The Caldwell City Council has made a perfect choice in choosing Art Solis as Grand Marshal for the 2022 4th of July Parade. My family and I are very proud of his accomplishments.

Olga Gonzalez


Community support

Thank you for the article on the Payette Brewing company. In this sad and unnerving world of upheaval, political division, war, inflation, insurrection and gun violence it was so pleasant to read about something uplifting, like a business that is involved with the community and that is truly an asset to Boise. They frequently open their doors to local charities, donating labor, time and proceeds. This is a family owned business, one of the gems of commerce in our community. Let’s all support them as they help support the community.

Charlotte Brother


Saving salmon

Senator Jim Risch recently sent out a missive indicating he is “... Flatly Opposed...” to breaching dams in order help save endangered salmon.

Regardless of how any of us feel about breaching dams, one thing is sure, and that is you need to have standing to take such a position. By this I mean you have to have proposed something more extensive than simply shooting seals to save salmon. I am sorry, Senator, but simply stating you “... welcome actual collaboration to improve salmon populations”... “ is akin to offering” thoughts and prayers” to children who are shot in Uvalde Texas. It’s meaningless.

At least those darn Democrats who are offering a plan to save the salmon are proposing something, right or wrong. What are you doing that will actually provide some real result?

Pat Klocke


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