Jim Jones

Jim Jones

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Raul Labrador has never seen an oppressive abortion law that he did not like. He strongly supports Idaho’s three conflicting and poorly-worded abortion laws, despite the fact that they would deny life-saving medical care to women with dangerous pregnancy complications and criminalize doctors who try to save their lives. If he were to be elected as attorney general of Idaho, the government would be in control of reproductive care in the emergency room.

One of the laws totally bans all abortions, even those essential to protecting the life and health of the mother. Doctors and health care workers who help the mother will be open to prosecution and will face a minimum of two years in prison unless they can prove to a jury that the abortion was “necessary to prevent the death of the woman.” The law does not say how close to death the woman must be to keep the doctor from going to prison.

Jim Jones is a Vietnam combat veteran who served eight years as Idaho attorney general (1983-1991) and 12 years as a justice on the Idaho Supreme Court (2005-2017). He currently serves as treasurer of the Arkoosh for AG campaign.

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