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Cheers to HillCrest Cemetery. This Memorial Day we discovered signs letting us know how long we could leave up our decorations. If this posting has been out other years, we did not see it. Often we’ve run back a mere twenty-four hours later to find our decorations missing.

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I’d like to wish our readers and Idaho Press team a heartfelt thank you and farewell. Friday was my last day with the Idaho Press, the paper that raised me as a reporter. It was 10 years ago this month that I, a 21-year-old new college grad, started writing Best of Canyon County blurbs to tr…


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Senator Chuck Winder had it right when he recently said the so-called Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) was “one of the biggest threats we have to our democracy in our state.” Winder, a Republican and President Pro Tem of the Idaho Senate, had just witnessed the disruptive role played by the IF…