I wish I could remember the exact moment that Community Editor Jeanne Huff and I dreamed up the crazy scheme that would become Taco Trials. Looking back, it’s a little unbelievable we were able to convince our lovely bosses this would work. Who wants to hear us talk about tacos?

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We’re back on the road again, doing our best to ferret out taco stands and trucks across the Treasure Valley, so you can give them a try the next time you take a short road trip.

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We here in the Idaho Press newsroom believe deeply about what we do. We are here to shine the light on truth by uncovering lies. We are the flies on the wall, observing and reporting the facts, unencumbered by emotion or political gain.

My initial thought re: vegetarian tacos was akin to the sentiments the cattle rustlers had in that commercial about the spicy hot sauce made ... in New York City?! (Read: incredulous outrage!)

In a perfect world, tamale day would be at least once a week. To me, tamales are the ultimate food package: savory meat and cheese or peppers and cheese encased in a pillow of warm corn masa. Oh, and don’t forget, they come like little gifts, food presents wrapped in corn husks.

I guess it’s the Christmas spirit that makes me start humming “The 12 Days of Christmas” as I write about our eighth foray into Treasure Valley taco land. “On the eighth day of tacos, we tried the chicharron ... “ and that melodic statement is partially right. Truth be told, I messed up. Whi…

I had some trepidation about this week’s tacos. Reporter Nicole Foy and I had discussed moving into the, what I call, more exotic taco filling realm. For many authentic street taco purveyors as well as regular customers, fillings such as tripas (intestines), sesos (brains), cabeza (mixed fac…

In our ongoing quest for truth and tacos, our newsroom staff made a second foray into the taste-bud-tempting territory of the Treasure Valley.

In addition to being passionately committed to ferreting out the truth, our newsroom staff members share another passion: tacos.

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On a recent Saturday, for no apparent reason, Lydia Merrill came to mind, making me wonder whether she was still living. A few days later, a call came saying that she wasn’t.